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The Axcel® Achieve XP target sight line adds two new sights to its line-up!

  • The Achieve XP 1.5 and Achieve XP 2.0 were designed to reduce weight, reduce vibration, and improve balance by keeping the elevation scope block closer to the center of the elevation slide bar.
  • Featuring a Variable Range (VR) Plate that allows the archer to change the location of the bow mounting bracket, the Achieve XP 1.5 and 2.0 also feature a new Variable Range Mounting Bracket that only works with the VR Plate.
  • The new VR Bow Mounting Bracket, featuring Dual Bridge Strength Technology, adds more rigidity to the bracket no matter where the bracket sits on the VR Plate.
  • For fixed distance tournaments, an archer can locate the scope near the center of the elevation slide rail by choosing the VR Plate hole that locates the scope nearest the center of the elevation slide rail, providing the best balance.
  • Each hole on the VR Plate equals 7/32” or 7 engraved lines on the engraved sight scale on the side.
  • Metal sight tape option for compound models only, these sight tapes are only available in yard measurements.
  • The Achieve XP 1.5 and 2.0 feature all the same technology as the Achieve XP with the addition of superior vibration and weight reduction technology.
  • Axcel® has taken the weight out of the sight, so the archer can put it where they want it!


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